Monday, October 5, 2009

Prisms of Fame

Last Friday, Jessica and I traveled down to the Valley to show the installation we've been working on all throughout September. We had been talking about doing something with Fantasia cigarettes for a while and after spending a few days continuously watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Suspiria, we came up with a plan.

We shot the video within three hours. It took me about two weeks to cut it only because I didn't really know how I wanted to transition between colors. I kept experimenting with cropping and some sort of video collage, but then we sat around a few days before the show 
and came up with a wonderful edit.

I'm really really happy with the way this turned out, the way it looked at the art walk and how much effort and time was put into it. I feel like it's the first video I've made that can be considered "professional."

Anyhoo, the installation is called Prisms of Fame. It is supposed to be viewed on four television screens that are positioned like the four "screens" in the video below. It was a challenge to get all the DVDs to start at the same time, but we somehow managed to do it. I'm really glad I found my muse and that she is willing to do anything to make our reality come alive.

Prisms of Fame from Caitlin Diaz on Vimeo.




The video I recorded of us setting up the installation will be up sometime this week...I promise.
Hopefully we'll have the chance to show the installation in Austin for a while, so stay tuned!


liana said...

interesting post :)

Anonymous said...

so this girl is pretty
different colors are going on
"oh girl you turn me on"

what the hell does any of this mean?

Shiny Kid said...

liana: thanks!

anon: don't question it too much, just love it or hate it and leave it at that!

730 said...

but how many cigs did jessica smoke?

Shiny Kid said...

about 10 i think...she realized she didn't have to inhale after the first two so the smoke looked thicker hahah

Anonymous said...

well it's pretty either way and truth be told, i'm having a bit of appreciation for thoughtless art. not to say that you don't put thought into it... but as the viewer i don't sit back trying to decipher your intention.

elephant art vs. termite art, i'd rather not have shit burrow into my skin.

Noël said...

omgod keep that muse cause she is hooooot like hot hot hot. jealous to the max where's my muse.

人妻 said...