Tuesday, April 26, 2011


'They do not constitute a group or school.
Usually, though not always, they have worked in isolation
both from each other and from the orthodox art production around them.'

L.S. Lowry

Niko Pirosmani

Ilija Bašičević

Maria Pryimachenko

Henry Darger

'If it is possible at all to point to any quality which the best work has in common
with that of sophisticated artists, it is a power of pictorial construction (lacking almost always
in the work of children and psychotics) and a power to invest the depiction of the commonplace
and familiar with a poetic freshness which imparts to it the force of visual revelation.'

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Westport Report

This past year I've become good friends with some rad people
from a little town called Westport, CT. After hearing so many wonderful
things about this town (the beaches! classic homes! fresh air!)
I paid it a visit with Vanessa--a Westport native.


V took me to Compo Beach

Needless to say, I collected some seashells and rocks from the coast.
They are now nicely boxed and labeled on my window sill.

We relived a major part of V and I's childhood--swings.
As I am now a grown woman, my legs are much too long to swing.
I had to splay them in a strange broken 'V' shape as I swung back down.

The trees are ridiculously tall in Connecticut.
Being amazed at this made me realize how much I have yet to see of this world.

This is an island of beach homes that you must walk over a bridge
to get to (well, you can also drive a car over the bridge, but let's
make it seem more elitist than it should, kay?*Nevermind you MUST walk
over a bridge, not drive, to get to this island. I was mistaken*). It was low tide
the whole time we were there, which explains the marshy looking land.

Later on that evening we drove out to Fairfield to see our friend Sam Adams perform.

I was only able to take two photos of him on stage because:

I was attacked by a crazy Fairfield U, Sam Adams, 18-year-old fan girl for
standing in her way (V & I had 'backstage' passes which allowed us to stand between
the barrier of the crowd and the stage. I just wanted to take a photo or two but
was scared for my life when a group of girls began yelling at us to move out of their way.
Then one of them jabbed me so hard on the shoulder a few times, that my Fight or Flight
response was--lame--Flight. It just wasn't the night for a brawl).

The speakers were so incredibly loud that as I fled for my safety from the angered fans,
I felt my eardrums reach the point of no return.
There was air being kicked out of those monsters; the sound waves were deafening.
My only revenge could be the temporary deafness of those angry fan girls,
but we'll never know...

After the show, we all returned to Westport where we continued to party.
I taught everyone how to play Circle of Death. Needless to say, alcohol consumption was high.

I didn't take many pictures that night, but managed to snap these:

I think I may have just shoved my camera in his face and said 'Can I take a picture of you??'

I don't really remember what is going on here, just that
I am squished in between Sam and Danielle and limbs are dangling all over the place.

This photo is prime.


Consisted of sleeping in 'till 1, running across the street in PJs for a bagel and chocolate milk,
rain all day, drifting in and out of sleep while watching crap TV, and V's dad medicating me with sizzurp for my disgusting,
phlem-ridden cough. No pictures, obviously.


Woke up around noon to a wonderful Colombian breakfast a la V's mom.
Then immediately afterwards headed to Alberto's dad's house for some Argentinian BBQ.

The food was amazing and so was their home.

Alberto in a tree.
There was a lot of tree climbing that weekend.
A lot of climbing in general, I suppose.

This amazing cat sculpture in their front yard.

A real cat chillin on their firewood.

After lunch, we took a drive to another part of the beach
and climbed up a life guard post.

It was extremely windy that day.
After these photos were taken, V told me we were close to a Dairy Queen.
Now, I only eat two types of fast food: Dairy Queen and Whataburger.
Seeing as both of those do not exist in NYC, I made sure I got myself a Blizzard.
I got a Heath one. Extremely satisfying.

After dropping Alberto back at his dad's, V and I continued our journey.
We went to Claire's and got our ears pierced.
I finally have my third set of piercings on my lobes.
A total of seven body piercings--all on my ears.

To finish up the day, we visited Vanessa's friend RJ who lives on that island I mentioned earlier (not).
He had a beautiful home as well--complete with a narrow spiral staircase that lead to
a castle-esque rooftop deck and a backyard that lead into the sea.

Shadows from the roof...

...shadows by the sea.

If only my backyard included this.


We rode the train back Monday morning.
Now I'm back in NYC and realizing I'm probably stuck here for a while...
but summer is approaching and that means tube tops and short shorts
and beach parties and boat rides and, if I'm lucky, more Westport trips...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

You can't name birds

Here are a few shots from that roll of film
I fucked up a couple of weeks ago.

Here are a series of portraits I took of Tachi:

Some of these were taken by a man who claimed
to be a photographer at Vogue. However, I don't understand
why he would be at a house party in Greenpoint--
oh, New York.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sea Shell Creatures

Some photographs I took this past week with my Minolta 7000i

( My collection of teacups and saucers )

( A painting I am working on )

( Alberto & kid with camera at the Krink/Casio party )

( Broken glass at the Krink/Casio party )

( Huge dog on an evening stroll )

( Lit-up globes at The Wooly )

( Sign outside the Woolworth Building )

( Vanessa and DJ booth )

( Alberto & Antwan taking photos of pink balloon ceiling )

( Pink balloon ceiling at The Pink Party )