Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So it has been almost two months since
I moved into my new apartment.
Here are some photos of what it currently looks like:

I bought a spider fern at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden last week.
My cactus garden is clinging to dear life, sadly.
I'm planning on getting a window box for them
so that in the summer they can get some sun outdoors.

I've recently began painting (again?).
It's been a while since I've painted anything,
but I just love mixing colors...

I finally found the desk of my dreams a couple of weeks ago.
Seriously, I feel so complete and fulfilled now that it's in my life.

This window is right by one of my THREE closets.

Although I am living in a studio apartment,
I feel like it's almost a one bedroom.
Here is the hallway:
A mini polaroid collage on one side
and the photograph of my dream home on the other.

I created a little alteresque area on the molding
above the entrance to the back room.

John bought a juke box a couple of weeks ago.
Now it's sittin' pretty in the front of my apartment.

My boss gave me this wonderful painting
as a housewarming gift.
And yes, those are molds of my boobs.

Just one of the magnificent built-in shelves
that house my library of books, movies and magazines.

Here is the inside of the juke box.
It plays 45s, so we were stoked to add in John's collection.
The people at Junk also gave him all the 45s that were already in there.

I'm really content with my space at the moment.
I've been getting a lot of work done.
Sanity. At. Last.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Movies in the mail

Santiago and Bushido are heading down to el valle
to party with the Hype Headz.
How could I not send them a 30 minute looped visual set?

Lazzi from Shiny Kid on Vimeo.

Wish I was in Texas right now, miss yall xo