Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Time and A Place

A few years ago, I became pretty entrenched in the occult and magick.
Not much has changed, but as I return to my library to re-read my collection of books on the subjects, I wonder why I presently am indifferent towards it all.

Is this a new level of skepticism?

I'm not really a fan of fiction--
I prefer to read about facts and theories.
But please give me some fantastical story in the form of alternate dimensions and infinite worlds.

I've been thinking a lot about what kind of films need to be created in this lifetime and I have come to this conclusion: 'films that are complex, visual and hypnotic.'
Now, what does that entail?

We are missing the great minds of this generation.
People today are too involved in themselves, their idea of the 'dream' and what comes with 'living it.' Such psychobabble.
Where are our undergrounds?
Where are the truly crazy and mystikal beings that will leave their mark?

I guess either their time has passed, or I am living the wrong life.

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