Tuesday, May 20, 2008


PhotobucketIf you lovely people did not already know, I am leaving to Prague, Czech Republic on Thursday to study documentary film. I am super excited, yet nervous seeing as how I've never been outside the US except for Mexico. I will be gone until July 4th, so before I left Austin my good friend David threw me a going away party.PhotobucketPhotobucketPictures curtosy of the gorgeous ladies of VIABIPBOP PhotobucketPhotobucketEveryone was dressed wonderfully! I especially loved my friend Christopher's outfit (srsly, when he walked in we all just went "OOooo00O!!!")PhotobucketPhotobucketAndy always has the brightest, most badass shirts ^^^ complete with a Sparks tongue :PDEEJAY YAYYAY held it down all night longgg:And TUMMY TOAST had a wonderful set which she performed on top of the bar counter!You can see more pictures that Mat took here: TUMMY TOASTMy friends Sonny and Jackie also made me a badass goodie basket with awesome suspenders, a neon green tshirt, a mexican donkey, and some keychains and toys! PhotobucketMy coworker Patrick also made me a goodie Batman backpack that had comic books, Charlie and the Glass Elevator, some vegan cookies, a water game, some drinking playing cards, and three winecoolers that we drank at work the morning after my party! I don't have pictures of the backpack, but it is srsly the best thing ever!!!Thank you my wonderful friends who I will miss immensely!!! I will party hard in Prague for you and bring y'all back some goodies :]Anyhoo, everyone should keep this blog in their faves because I will be updating from Prague with segments called "Blog From Prague." I will have my old shitty digicam with me so I will be providing pictures! wooo! I bought a few new items at Savers and Urban Outfitters for my trip which include: 2 pairs of Victorian inspired lace up booties, 1 pair of metalic flats (UO), 2 button up short sleeve shirts (one a black/white gigham print, the other white/grey striped), 1 pair of shorts (high waisted, denim with flower print-super elementary school looking), 2 leotards from AA in black, 2 pairs of ankle socks, and one hat because my roots are 1/2 inch and it looks very summery.Well, I am off to do last minute travel stuff! My next update will be from Prague! XOXOShiny Kid


tummy toast said...

ayies caitlin! i miss you already! but i hope you have tons of fun in prague, kay???! i'll be real nice^-^

Anonymous said...

you people are the saddest signs of animal/human life i have come across.........ever. you all look like a bunch of 12 year old retarded children that have played dress ups with your grandparents clothes. Tummy toast has down syndrome. I bet you all stood around with your producer/homosexual/rollerblader boyfriends (noone had girlfriends at the party.. look at the photos) and said how "pimp" the "choons" were .
Grow a pair.
i bid you fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad I don't have to hang around with all you suppressing, anal retentive queer posers, especially mario barrio gay drama queen king of the school playground inuendo, and the shit pits he calls partys

take a trip to fuckoffity land


Mord_Mckee said...
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