Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bowl Cut

My good friend Christopher Love cut my hair on Thursday night! I am so glad I cut it because it was starting to get out of control and I was getting annoyed.  I have been wanting rounded bangs for a while, and finally I have them.I still want to dye my hair a really dark brown or black but it's still really hot here in Austin.

I am anxious for fall/winter! More black, busting out my boot collection, using my rad winter coat from Topshop, and dark hair.

 I've decided that even though it is so fucking hot here in Austin, it's Fall and I am going to wear my Fall clothes! They are my favorite items, everything is dark and textured and layering is a must! 

Plus, I have tons of new scarves from Prague that I can't wait to start wearing again. 

Last night I wore my oversized black shirt (Metropark), AA leggings, & deep red leather boots (vintage). I love those boots so much! I got them in McAllen at Anita's Antiques. Anita is a really rad lady who I used to take lunch to during my lunch breaks in high school and we'd sit and eat and talk about business and then she'd give me a bunch of free clothes haha. I've gotten so many wonderful things from her (including a fur coat that I have yet to wear), so most of my closet consists of clothes from her store. I miss it! 

I'm letting my hair dye fade to a lighter purple right now. It's still really bold, but not as bright as it used to be.

HYPE HEADZ got a weekly at Black and Tan for the month of October! It's going to be every Friday and the first show is going to be the Tummy Toast video release party. We are all really excited about it and hope you all can keep coming and dancing and supporting us!

Until next time!


ryan said...

congratts on the gig!

roxanne said...

those boots are love. i'm still looking for the perfect replacements for the boots that i wore into the ground last winter..

Nina said...

omg, your hair looks so cool. i love it!