Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vain Vanity

Lately I have been feeling quite lethargic with my wardrobe. I recently was awarded extra cash from financial aid, so I felt the urge to shop. I didn't buy too many things today, since I want to really make this money stretch and not spend it all in one weekend, but I am really happy with things I purchased!

I have been wanting a vanity for a really long time and I found one at this really great thrift store last week! It was only $95 and I plan on reuposlering the stool and changing out the handles later on. 



Now all I need is a small chandelier to hang overhead for some good light.

My friend, Christopher Love, was in NYC for a week and bought me this really rad gold and rhinestone spider!


I love it!

Today, I went shopping with Jordyne. We bought make-up and I got this really rad black shirt that is sewn in a unique way.



I really like it because it's really thin and comfortable and loose. And black.


I acid washed some old black jeans the other day. They didn't come out quite as I wanted them to, but they look rad none the less!

Oh ya, last week I received my issue of REVUE, the German magazine that I was asked to be a part of last year. Mitchell took the pictures for me.




It was a nice surprise to get it! I didn't think I was ever going to receive it! Sorry I don't have a scanner to scan the pages :[

I really need to buy and external hard drive. I am torn between these two:
250 GB

OR (my personal fave)


I don't know which one to choose! They are both reasonably priced (approx. $160), so that's not an issue. I really want the gold one (duh!) but I'm not to enthusiastic about the power adapter...any thoughts or suggestions?

Well, until my next update,


roxanne said...

great finds! that top is killer and gah i still can't get over how good your hair looks.. congrats on that gorgeous magazine image!

mitchell said...

how can I get that magazine?

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you like the necklace.
i want that magazine,toooo

Shiny Kid said...

thanks a lot! i really need a haircut though :\

I can try and message the girl on to see if she can send me some copies, but since it's sort of an indep. German mag, i really don't know..

c. love:
I love it! It's golden goth!
and like I told mitchell, I will try and ask for some copies from the girl who made it!

MOND said...

daaaang. work it.
and yeahhhhh, back to school shoppingggg.

She's Dressing Up said...

I love your hair, the jeans (ive been meaning to acid wash some jeans for a while, and yours look great) and your new shirt =].
I know nada about external harddrives but they both look pretty!

luis said...

i lloooooove your sense of style!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your style and how cool you are!

ryan said...

dope magazine layout! congrats

Nature Grafitti said...

that necklace is adorable!!

Linna said...

I just have to say that i looooove your hair! :) (sorry, bad english)