Monday, January 11, 2010

Hanna Barbera

I got myself a New York Public Library card and it has proven to be the greatest thing in my life at the moment. I found this book called Cartoon Modern: Style and Design of Fifties Animation. I really like extremely stylized animation--I really hate this CG crap that is used for every new cartoon. The only channel I was able to watch was Boomerang to get my cartoon fix. Adult Swim has a few good cartoons, but I liked watching The Jetsons and Top Cat.

But no cartoon brings me more love than this one:

They remind me of Peanut and Tachi.

I remember writing a letter to Cartoon Network when I was really young. I think I drew them a picture of something, a dog or horse probably. They sent me back an awesome postcard saying how they appreciated my letter. It was unexpected and a really rad postcard.



amid amidi said...

i approve of your taste in cartoons ;)

Shiny Kid said...

oh, you would ;]