Sunday, December 28, 2008


My grandmother got me these cute silver horse earrings that I have been wearing the past couple of days. The hooks don't have any stoppers on them, so I ended up losing one tonight. I wasn't even doing anything extreme, just drinking in my friend's garage with 2 other people.

This made me rethink why people wear earrings in pairs. Why can't they all be different? Why don't people wear all their favorite earrings at once?

I'm going to start doing that. Put all my earrings to use!

Rachel Comey (


nyree-rose said...

I'm the same way with that. I normally don't pair mine up, and trying to get more piercings so I can put them all into use.

frances said...

mismatched is always better!

love your blog, it's so cute. :)

Shiny Kid said...

i want to get another upper ear piercing underneath the one i already have. my goal is to have my ears look like Jane's from Daria

yes yes! no need to be such a perfectionist :] and thanks, hope you keep stopping by

Anonymous said...

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