Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hiatus much?

I've been extremely busy this past month. I had three productions to complete before the semester was over. One was my skate video which I shot with the lovely girls of and Tummy Toast. You can read more about the production aspect on my production blog, but here's the video just in case you missed it:

Skate Late Vol. 1 from Caitlin Diaz on Vimeo.

Another thing I have been busy with is our weeklies. We just finished up our last OH PIMP of the year with our buddy from Leeds,UK JAK-Z. He stayed at my apartment for almost two weeks and we had a wonderful time hanging out with him. Hopefully we'll be able to see him during SXSW!

Anyhoo, my hair has been growing out at a phenomenal rate! Well, maybe not really BUT it does seem much longer than it was two months ago when I first cut it. I am toying with the idea of letting it grow out again; I kind of want to have long hair again but with really short bangs. I don't know how long I will stand the in-between stages of growing out your hair, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks (mainly all from OH PIMP):




I don't really like this picture, but I really liked my outfit that night! It was the first time I wore color out in months probably and it was this bright blue over-sized sorority sweater!

These next few are from last week's OH PIMP




Jessica and I have a chronic habit of making out every weekend. She's too pretty to resist! :P

So the basics of my wardrobe right now include:
XL knit hot pink beanie
black bell-shaped Top Shop coat
Nine West platform ankle boots
skinny black satin pants
any skinny black pants cuffed above my boots
my navy combat boots
suede wingtips
gold chains from my grandma, mainly this "54" pendent necklace that represents the brand of my grandpa's ranch
lots of new vintage jewelry from my grandma
lots of old watches (2-3 worn on each wrist)

My grandma has been wanting to give me a fur coat for the past 2 years, but I never wanted to take one up to Austin because I never had a "safe" place to keep it. Now that I have a nice apartment I decided to ask her over Thanksgiving break if I can have a coat. She has three vintage furs and I chose this mink and leather one:


It's really awesome and creates a great silhouette when worn with tights and a little dress underneath. I just have no idea where I am going to wear it. It can always just be used for costume attire for my videos and such. I need to do another photo shoot soon with it. Perhaps after Christmas because I will definitely have some new clothes.

I have also been really into interior design and architecture lately. I recently put up a ton of gesture drawings in black and white all over one of my walls. I want to make it look like wall paper, but I need more tacks. I also hung my film leader by my window. They look really rad when the light hits them. I can't wait until I have a house, it's going to be awesome.

Until next time,


Kat: The Maude to Your Harold said...

pretty cool video. do you know any stop animation?

Shiny Kid said...

thankks, and ya I did some for the documentary I made while I was in prague. I'll probably work more with it next semester. it's fun and time consuming, but totally worth it

k.n. said...

whoa steamy last pic! lol this blog ended with a banggg

madador said...

cool jewelry, I like your watches and skeleton necklace

Shiny Kid said...

ya i know right haha


Anonymous said...

euuuw fur, disgusting and heartless