Monday, November 1, 2010

'I'm not dying, it's just the trip..the DMT'

It's a pain to sit in my chair.

Does anyone else ever wish about being committed to an asylum, or am I alone on this secret desire?
It's strange to think about, but I just envy all the time they have for evaluation of themselves and those around them.
Have interesting thoughts and ideas and just be able to really be yourself, if you are indeed insane.
Or maybe about a week full of utter insanity, not knowing if you'll make it out alive?


I'm haunted by these thoughts and images that creep into my mind at all hours of the day.
It's like I've truly grown into some alien left to live on some fucked up planet.
However, it is a goal of mine to build the most beautiful home one day--
I've been reading Dorothy Rodgers' book The House in my Head
and it's all too inspiring.


Goodnight pleasant somethings,
Shiny Kid

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